Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi I am back after a long slumber...

Now that as probably some of you already know we are going through a transition phase in datawarehousing and BI space specifically..with the onslaught of in memory appliances like HANA and columnar databases like sybase iq and cloud of course with a little help from the likes of mobile computing thanks to the likes of iPhone and iPad and android of course the journey will be much different than anticipated 2-3 years back.

SAP has announced last week the release of hierarchical aware , Olap driven , mobile ready "ZEN" which will be the new dashboard tool on top of BW and sap dashboard will be infused with a new life in handheld segment with the introduction of HTML 5 support to run on ios devises mainly iPad.

Now we have to wait and watch if this is the beginning of the end of road for xcelsius despite all the HTML 5 lifeline of a couple of years.From Sap's vantage point it's makes perfect sense to merge the Olap and DBMS dashbaording into one tool and build a custom integrated approach with inclusion of HANA and self service views in explorer. We just have to wait and watch when sap guys puttogether all the tons of coding.

Sap all access conference link

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