Friday, April 27, 2012

Caution: This is intended to be a forward looking post...

I just wanted to post my agenda of the items that I am planning to cover in the next week.I don't know if this post might be helpful for anyone except me but this will give me ample motivation to move ahead and I can analyze what I planned and achieved. :)

Lets segregate the SAP BI 4.0 Suite :

Tool ( Desktop )

1. Crystal Reports 2011 (Probably the last classic Crystal Report intended for RDBMS)
2.Crystal Reports For Enterprise (Developed Bottoms up mainly to connect OLAP and new Universe UNX )
3.Web Intelligence (Includes the Rich Client and web based)
4.BO Explorer ( Accelerated & non Accelerated)
5.SAP DashBoards Manager 4.0
6.Information Design Tool (IDT) for creation of UNX universes
7.SAP BI Analysis Edition for OLAP
8.Upcoming "ZEN" Product

Mobility Tools :
SAP Ondemand
BI Explorer
Sybase IQ based mobile solution

I wanted to stress the mobile solution but as these are in their nascent stage will focus more later
Will update the mobile section at a later point of time...

I just wanted to list these because I don't want to lose sight on any of these later.

Now coming to the real point :
Topics for the next Week I want to Cover:
1.BI Publication and Bursting Mechanism to Split a document based on another report passing as parameter and renaming the split files based on the parameter
2.Calculation Contexts and updates in the BI 4.0
3.Tag Cloud : A solution approach for failure analytics

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