Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ok..I am back to blogging again and this time I have made a pledge. I will continue to blog my experience no matter what the work pressure may be.

Meanwhile after the data profiling and BI Architect assignment I am back to a new role with new assignment with multiple source universes in BI 4 and mean while involved integrally with all the BI 4 migration hiccups and Life Cycle manager issues , and all I can tell you its one of the tool that can make a migration project very very difficult to execute if the reporting contents are crystal reports and Business Views and LOVs. One advise take the security structure very seriously in BI 4 its quite different than BOXI 3.1. You have to be very careful and allow the data layer access in Business View manager in the data foundation and in the business element else reports will produce blank SQL and LOVs will never populate data. I will describe the hiccups of LCM and migration in detail later.

Meanwhile there are so much to know and share in BO I can not ever think of where to start so no haphazard way of publishing one thought or one finding , rather I will categorize them in sections like IDT , WebI , Launchpad , Explorer, DashBoard Manager , CMC , HANA and the newest BO suite product Visual Intelligence (I have started evaluation of it recently ) also would include data modelling and SDK as a separate section ( yes I got to work in the Java and .NET SDK  recently ).

So lets see how its goes and can I keep my promise to myself..

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